Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boy Scout softball 2010

For A and B League Troop 405 softball schedules click HERE or the following link:

B League Troop 405

Home field, Franklin Middle School, north diamond, all games start at 6:30 p.m.

June 2, vs. Mustangs

June 7, vs. Troop 402 Pirates

June 9, at Bruisers, Roosevelt School, Beloit

June 14, vs. Slammers

June 16, at Bulldogs, Aldridge Middle School, Beloit

June 21, vs. Hammers 2

June 23, at Beloit Badgers, McNeil Middle School, Beloit

June 28, vs. Mustangs

June 30, at Troop 405 Mustangs, Adams Elementary, Janesville

July 7, vs. Bruisers

July 12, at Slammers, Adams Elementary, Janesville

July 14, vs. Bulldogs

July 19, at Hammers 2, Marshall Middle School

July 21, vs. Beloit Badgers

July 26, vs. Mustangs

A League, includes members of Troop 405

Home field, Craig, northwest diamond, all games start at 6:30 p.m.

June 2, vs. Beloit Blazersfr

June 7, at Monstars, Riverside Park

June 9, vs. Predators

June 14, vs. Anonymous

June 16, at Aces, Marshall Middle School

June 21, at Lights Out, Marshall Middel School

June 23, bye

June 28, vs. Janesville White

June 30, at Anonymous, McNeill Middle School, Beloit

July 7, at, Lights Out, Parker High School

July 12, at Predators, Marshall Middle School

July 14, at Ball Hawgs, Orfordville

July 19, vs. Aces

July 21, at Janesville White, Marshall Middle School

July 26, at Monstars, Riverside Park

Tournament is July 28-30 at the Beloit YMCA Sports Complex, 3301 Prairie Ave.


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